Miss Sports Photogenic contestants captivate the audience with their charms.

The appearance of the previous batch of contestants has shone bright like a star as much as the encounter of these beautiful and talented “Venus” in the next batch, which says a lot about the legitimacy of MSPC and the values behind that drive them to perform their best in this contest.

About the contest MSPC

Miss Sport Photogenic Contest (MSPC) is an annual, inclusive program that is held on a national scale, notably, the Judging and Organizing Board include Representatives from the leader of the Vietnam Olympic Committee, Sports, Art, and Photography, Journalism, to Models, Miss Vietnam. This is considered a promising annual contest as we welcome more women who value beauty and fitness to encounter and inspire the new sexiness of the beauty arena. Thereby, the youthful Vietnamese generation will realize their inner beauty by training their mind and body to build self-confidence and make an impact on other people. Read more here.

MSPC encourages women of all sports fields to show their best fitness pose in every photo angle that represents the healthy beauty acquired by regular exercise and sports. By spreading the positive energy of sports to people nationally and internationally, attracting the attention of the whole society, the contest promises to be a bridge to share emotional stories, and contribute to developing the country’s sports background.

Here are some of the candidates from many prior regional competitions that stand out for their social popularity. No matter their ethnicity, background, or body diversity, each of them knows to create a unique version of themselves.

Co Thi Kim Ngan

Kim Ngan is well-known for her impressive height of 1m70 and 3-round measurement 84–62–94. Co Thi Kim Ngan once participated in Miss Universe Vietnam 2021 and is a bright contestant at Miss Vietnam Identity Global.

Co Ngan appeared at the Miss Universe Vietnam 2021 online photo contest, immediately causing a “storm” with more than 40,000 likes.

There is no doubt about Co Ngan’s boldness, fearlessness, and eagerness to embrace any challenge. “I don’t want my youth to go to waste when I have never officially participated in any beauty contest, while it was my dream when I was a child”, she said.

Kim Ngan shared the reason why she decided to register for the contest is because she believed in “YOLO”, so that she wanted to challenge herself in any area she’s competent at and find new passions and meanings in her life. “Thanks to the support of everyone around who loves me and wishes that I will appear once in this contest. And for all of the above reasons, I decided to give it a try and hope to spread more love and inspiration for everyone around me. It’s never too late!” she added.

Chelsea (Minh Chau)

With admiration for Chelsea Football Club since she was 7 years old, Hoang Minh Chau (Chelsea) has been known to be the sports queen for the past 17 years. Today, she is currently a fan of Chelsea Club in the English Premier League and is also a member of the official Chelsea Supporters Association in Vietnam. What is appealing about this genZ girl is an optimistic, positive and dynamic attitude towards life.

Minh Chau was born in 1995

Minh Chau truly possesses everything that guys will pursue her for a stunning appearance, especially football knowledge and fluency of a young MC, which facilitates her to undertake that MC role in a big offline session of “The Blues” fans.

The 26-year-old hot girl hoped to see Chelsea lift the championship trophy after 9 years of waiting

Do Thi Cam Tien

Do Thi Cam Tien participated in Miss Universe Vietnam 2021 and was the Champion of the Brand Ambassador 2021 in Thuan An Province and entered the Top 15 Tourism Ambassadors 2021 (Cuu Long province). Yet there are only a few people know the touching story behind a girl with scoliosis without giving up her dream of Miss.

Cam Tien with an angelic beauty, as sweet as a noble and elegant lady.

Cam Tien shared: “In order to have the confidence and abundant energy like today, I had to go through very difficult times. I used to be a victim of “disparagement of appearance” because of my short height, small stature, and scoliosis. Those criticisms have given me more motivation to become the best version of myself and realize that the most beautiful woman is the one who loves herself.”

Pham Thu Hang

Hang wants to spread a positive message about life to everyone and does not disappoint her friends who introduced you to the contest.

To get in shape with a 3-round measurement of 85–64–91, Thu Hang has to go through a process of hard training through yoga and dancing to help her gain a toned body, refreshing spirit and remain a “standard body” shape. A beautiful body is the result of sweaty workouts and strict diet. With the advantage of a well-proportioned appearance and a bright face, Thu Hang’s main job is a photo model that both satisfies her passion and is also a motivation for you to exercise more.

Thu Hang with a slim body, and soft and seductive curves makes her look more luxurious.

With hard work in daily exercise comes a perfect figure, now Hang has slim, long legs and a tiny waist that even makes many women envious. No one starts that new journey without going through hardships and embarrassment. At first, Thu Hang did not know how to practice properly, eat appropriately. For more than 2 years now, Hang has focused on practicing. Hang confided: “Perhaps I often get sick, tired and often think negatively, so I’m very thin and since then I want to change myself and become a better “version” of myself. I have chosen to practice more actively.”

Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh

Apart from professionals like those seniors, girls at 18 have also achieved a lot of remarkable success at early age and confidently compete with more accomplished contestants. Typically,

Hong Hanh used to win the Silver Medal of the Fitness and Fitness Championship 2020

Despite being 1m52 tall, Hong Hanh has broken the boundary of height to shine in her own way. A petite girl who used to be criticized for being too skinny when she was only 36kg surpassed herself to win the Silver Medal of the Nghe An Provincial Fitness and Fitness Championship in 2020. The spirit of determination, perseverance and desire.

Hong Hanh’s positive attitude to life and love for life is also thanks to the gym, she is more open to connect with people and is ready to share her long life experiences with her students. Being true to her passion has helped her gymer become more and more beautiful, confident and stronger than ever.


The contest has had more and more coverage throughout the nation not only because of its special meaning and humanistic message but also lies of the dedicated team who are working day and night to bring the utmost success to the winners and the event overall.

We’re getting closer to the finale of the contest and let’s see who will strive their way to become Miss Sports Photogenic 2022.

To go over the participation of other youthful, empowering contestants, visit the main Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HoaHauAnhTDTT

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