In a constantly changing sector like beauty and wellbeing, the Miss Sport Photogenic Contest (MSPC) has emerged as the trailblazing occasion to harmonize these 2 sectors together. It is all set to reassert feminine dominance today.

Why does Metavasion co-organize MSPC?

Metavasion is the holding company of Moverse, and also the co-organizer of MSPC’s organizing board.

As a Blockchain-based project coming to co-organize this contest, Metavasion brings a fresh breeze to the Vietnamese traditional organization units, also the youth fitness community.

Therefore, Metavasion would like to see themselves evolve in developing a wider target audience, by leveraging their crypto-native community to promote this meaningful program, penetrating Omni-channels where hundreds of domestic and international community groups related to fitness, healthy life, blockchain, etc. will deliver MSPC to over 5,000,000 people.

And that does not mention nearly 30 digital news & magazines and TV channel news, which will reach more than 8 million viewers and readers.

With that being said, the program will benefit heavily from these promotions because not only will the announcement be spread on a larger scale, but many potential contestants will also find their interest in MSPC and join.

About the Miss Sport Photogenic Contest (MSPC)

MSPC is an annual program initiated by Sports and Life Magazine — a press unit, public mouthpiece, and forum of the Olympic Committee. The contest has notable participation of Representatives from the leader of the Vietnam Olympic Committee, Sports, Art, Photography, Journalism, to Models, Miss Vietnam.

The purpose of bringing MSPC to life is to gain traction with users in general who have a passion for sports and to empower Vietnamese women in particular to be fit and healthy. The organizing board is also willing to sponsor and accompany Vietnamese athletes, thereby encouraging Vietnamese women to break the boundaries and uncover their powerful inner beauty.

Build a sustainable fund to accompany the Vietnamese athletes

With an aim to strengthen MSPC, the organizers are dedicated to fulfilling all the missions of giving back the values to the company, by sharing inspirational stories about the phenomenal Vietnamese athletes, spreading positive messages across the social networks, and jointly funding to support athletes.

Honor the dynamic beauty of Vietnamese women

Through the meaning of MSPC, it will bring a rejuvenated optimism to “female fitness warriors”, as beauty itself cannot blossom and shine among the crowd without the determination and perseverance to conquer every challenge and become stronger, better, and more magnetic.

Entrants must be Vietnamese women aged between 18 and 28 who are into fitness, whether they are professional or non-professional athletes. Notably, to be eligible, the contestants must remain naturally beautiful and be currently based in Vietnam. This is time to put their talents and achievements to the huge challenge of MSPC.

A future of beauty is taking shape in every woman.

Metavasion believes that this MSPC will mark the start of an unforgettable journey throughout the following months, enhancing Metavasion’s brand in the market as they support all the Vietnamese women to confidently prove their value, eliminate the old paradigms about women back then, and let them embrace modern beauty through active health and fitness.

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