AMA Recap: Moverse – Reshape the decentralized fitness industry

Earlier on Twitter Space of Moverse, the AMA was hosted successfully and left the attendees many impressions and interesting questions about the project. The agenda started with a welcoming introduction of the four special guests, aka, the BOD of Moverse, then presented all aspects holistically in terms of product development, business strategy, and marketing execution plan. 

Sneak peek:

  • What makes Moverse stand out among the rivalries lies in its technological advancements and the competence to penetrate the traditional market. 
  • AI & machine learning will be integrated to measure the user’s workout performance more accurately. 
  • A Free-to-Play app that inherently strives to change user behavior in wellness, therefore, the concept of SocialFi is created.

Coming in fashionably late in the competition. Yet earns a lot of engagement.

Undeniably, there’s a jam-packed market of M2E projects. However, the CEO realizes the missing key in most of the existing projects is that the core technology behind the product is still in its infancy and not carefully developed to its utmost application.

This is also the perfect timing to introduce Moverse when the M2E remains strong and trustable and the market gradually goes back to a state of stability. Therefore, the team expects this year is going to roll out a solid product that reshapes the current fitness trend in a decentralized crypto world.

Dominate the health&fitness industry with a distinguished approach 

With an ambition of introducing the innovative idea of Move-to-Earn (M2E) through high tech, Moverse will build an automatic system where AI will construct and evolve in the app. That’s what makes Moverse stand out among the rivalries. 

Put UX (user experience) first!

One of the advantages the team has is a strong background, with years of experience in technology and an understanding of what’s best to fit in the Fitness-to-Earn app. The first technological feature is tracking and measuring algorithms to ensure the body motion counts precisely, this is called “Virtual Personal Trainer (virtual PT)”, an innovative, accessible technology that captures the real-time measurement of your movements and converts your performance into a dashboard, as well as corresponding rewards.

Mainly, when doing Strength training such as planks or push-ups in front of the camera, the machine learning will analyze and detect whether that body motion is done correctly to evaluate objectively. Thereby, users can follow closely their progress and experience their wellness transformation to the fullest.

Keep grinding to monetize passively 

The name of the game is simple: exercising and being rewarded go hand in hand. The training modes are divided into Cardio & Strength. Users can select the preferred method and kickstart their physical activities with a free pair of NFT sneakers. Initially, free experience means no real earnings are made. Over time, that mechanism will be activated when the user is willing to stake the tokens in return for their compatible NFT sneakers (this will be explained further down the line).

Simultaneously, with technological advancement comes anti-cheating mechanisms. To provide the highest personalized fitness plan, Moverse also integrates a fraud detector tool for remote health monitoring systems, using either the camera or the portable sensor in the phone. Therefore, exercise on your own and hard work will be paid off!

Your health and mental benefits rely on regular exercise, not social media. 

SocialFi is one of the new concepts implemented in Moverse. It integrates both social networking and finance to create an innovative decentralized social platform, allowing users to monetize their content, and easily get involved in the Blockchain and NFT space.  

Not only will bring security to users’ information for them to have full control over their contents but they also get rewarded accordingly by a separate digital token. For example, the rewards can be collected through several social activities through team challenges, leaderboards, referral programs, etc., 

About the beauty of the in-app economy 

The initial step of Moverse into the crypto market starts with the collaboration with Polygon Studios. As Polygon hasn’t marked its brand with any outstanding M2E projects, Moverse will accompany them to become the next big thing in the market. Furthermore, Polygon is known to have excellent technical performance namely improved speed of transaction, reasonable gas fees, and a dynamic ecosystem.

Unique and free entry for newbies to the app

Unlike the conventional model of paying up-front before using the app, Moverse chooses Free-to-Play as an effort to help people enjoy every feature and start getting in shape with Moverse. 

Every registered user can begin to exercise with free NFT sneakers. This creates a low barrier, even becomes more appealing to the traditional market, and helps to adopt a huge funnel of non-crypto users. Fitness-to-Earn is a great value proposition but most importantly, is what people do every day and strive to get healthier.

The more satisfied they are with the seamless operation of the app, the more willing they invest once it is fully rolled out. And that’s when the concept of M2E is applicable inside the ecosystem. 

After the listing event, staking pools will publicly open within a 3-6 month period, which allows users to start minting NFTs through staking and getting $MOVE tokens locked in the pool. Additional interest reward will possibly be claimed after that phase. Each type of NFT will be embedded with different powers and earning conversion, especially, it is also a catalyst for a burning mechanism to help the token increase in value. For instance, instead of trading or holding $MOVE, Moverse involves a series of activities that drive the users to actually leverage their NFTs and so the token will be circulated normally in the system and partially burned as well.

“Burning is a feature arising in nearly all activities in Move’s ecosystem to help remove MOVE tokens from the supply thereby encouraging users to experience the ecosystem more for mutual benefits. Therefore, burning depends on the effectiveness of Move’s business operations rather than the control of the DAO. Of course, when the DAO system adjusts the Earn or Cost ratio, it also partially reduces or increases the Burning MOVE speed”, Mr.SoarKoHa added.

Next strategies begin with incremental efforts

From the very first days, Moverse has established itself strongly and steadily thanks to a dedicated group of members called OGs, who actively contribute to the community and play a vital role in giving helpful feedback for the app development, which lays a foundation for building a rapport of the project to the newcomers.

Since Moverse lies on its technological advancement, it will drive significant attention from millennial users, also because they are competent in approaching and adopting traditional users effectively.

Statistically, the health and wellness market in the traditional world is 4.4 trillion dollars in value, a vast market. Many fitness influencers have arisen in the Vietnamese market, and the majority of youngsters today also rapidly adapt to new technologies, plus, with the tendency to use social media, Moverse has the mission to rewire their autopilot behavior and accelerate the mindset of improving their health and fitness daily. As a result, the team is expanding the markets across Asia notably Japan, Thailand, etc.

In the next couple of weeks, Moverse will introduce an array of NFT sneakers and diversify the features inside each shoe collection. They will bring partnered guilds to closely test the product through exercising and earning rewards. Later on, it’s the moment of the Moverse’s official launch on 3 platforms: Enjin Starter (Sep 19 – 20), Binstarter, and Pandora (Sep 21 – 22).

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